The lessons take place predominantly as presence lessons with a professional lecturer in our modern equipped seminar rooms. The knowledge mediation is supported by one practise or project day weekly which is carried out in own responsibility in our house.
  • Proper greeting, adoption , small talk
  • Express invitation, thanks and rejection
  • Acquire intercultural competence
  • Use Personality structure and potentials
  • Work in teams with different responsibilities
  • Preparation, Opening and Closing stereotypes with the correct situation adequate manners
  • Make connections
  • Get information , leave messages and receive
  • Edit Complaints and Orders
  • Understand and convention just writing typical business correspondence
  • Conventions of English / American business letters
  • Letter, e -mail, fax conventions
  • Targeted appropriation of enterprise-class vocabulary
  • Finish Individual letter of application cover letter by British or American pattern
  • Learn techniques for successful job interviews to know and train
  • Represent viewpoints and represented , argue, present alternatives
  • Propose, accept , reject , summarized
  • Generate information exchange , cooperation, generate options
  • Structure of the presentation , appropriateness
  • Welcome , reconciliation , financial statements
  • Questions and Answers
  • Describe sights
  • Tourism and leisure activities
  • Listening and re-enact dialogues

There are no prerequisites required.

Be agreed individually!


Der Unterricht findet überwiegend als Präsenzunterricht mit einem Fachdozenten in unseren modern ausgestatteten Seminarräumen statt. Unterstützt wird die Wissensvermittlung durch wöchentlich einen Übungs- oder Projekttag, der in Eigenverantwortung in unserem Hause durchgeführt wird.