The seminar appeals to ladies and to men of all enterprise levels who must present meetings and working groups, as well as present your ideas, goods and figures optimally.
  • Building blocks of a visualization
  • objective
  • Methodical, organizational and personal preparation
  • End of a moderation
  • Moderation Card Technology
  • Process Control
  • The demonstration of information, ideas, relationships, plans and tasks with the help of language, gestures, facial expressions and tools
  • Organization of the presentation
  • Opening, main body, conclusion
  • Dealing with Interference
  • Follow the presentation

There are no prerequisites required.

If agreed individually!


Das Seminar spricht Damen und Herren aller Unternehmensebenen an, die sowohl Sitzungen und Arbeitskreise moderieren als auch Ihre Ideen, Waren und Zahlen optimal präsentieren müssen.