The increasing complexity of the subjects, the integration of more and more departments in single plans and the high time pressure and cost pressure demand to work in projects. The observance of the appointments, the costs and the quality of the projects poses considerable problems by increasing project size. They get to know the connections and impact of the project management as well as the methods of the planning, organisation and guidance. They can apply project management as an independent leadership form and you can integrate projects into the organisation according to line of an enterprise.
  • Effect of correct and incorrect targets
  • How objectives are described
  • How do we get to destinations
  • The possible forms of organization
  • Role of the project manager
  • The project integrated in the line
  • The logic of the project
  • Make the drain sense
  • Milestones and phases
  • Structure Planning
  • The right work packages
  • Determine the effort
  • Dates get a grip
  • Reduce throughput times
  • What can they?
  • When do you need them?
  • How to select them?
  • Identify problems early
  • Status and Reporting
  • Milestone Trend Analysis
  • Decide the project
  • Measures of control
  • The conflict project line
  • The project team
  • Information and communication
  • Motivation of the project
  • What can be observed at the start
  • The launch workshop

There are no prerequisites required.

If agreed individually!


Die zunehmende Komplexität der Themen, die Einbindung von immer mehr Abteilungen in einzelne Vorhaben und der hohe Zeit- und Kostendruck zwingen in Projekten zu arbeiten. Die Einhaltung der Termine, der Kosten und der Qualität der Projekte bereitet mit zunehmender Projektgröße erhebliche Probleme. Sie lernen die Zusammenhänge und Wirkungsweise des Projektmanagements kennen sowie die Methoden der Planung, Organisation und Führung. Sie können Projektmanagement als eigenständige Führungsform anwenden und Sie können Projekte in die linienmäßige Organisation eines Unternehmens integrieren.