Over and over again we are tormented by pressure of time. It becomes more and more difficult to achieve the put aims and to hold the balance in our areas of life. Changes are possible. They get to know management of information and time management as a method to use your time optimally.
  • Basics of Time Management
  • Time Management - loop
  • Translated and define goals
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, annual planning
  • Make decisions is called to prioritize
  • Organizational principles
  • Ensuring the planning
  • Effective communication

There are no prerequisites required.

If agreed individually!


Immer wieder werden wir durch Zeitdruck geplagt. Es wird immer schwieriger, die gesteckten Ziele zu erreichen und die Balance in unseren Lebensbereichen zu halten. Veränderungen sind möglich. Sie lernen Informations- und Zeitmanagement als Methode kennen, Ihre Zeit optimal zu nutzen.