After this course you manage your personal one as well as your team website, work on co-operative office documents, administer the different authorisations and use the single web components of SharePoint.
  • Entry in SharePoint
  • New features and changes in SharePoint 2013
  • Office Web Apps
  • *HarePoint Designer
  • Social Media Features
  • App Market Place
  • Architecture and setup of SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2013 Overview
  • Joint work with SharePoint 2013
  • Team Sites
  • Website mailbox
  • Sharing and Notifications
  • Create and manage Polls
  • Blogs & Wikis
  • permissions
  • Working with Lists and Libraries
  • Views
  • forms
  • columns
  • Content types
  • workflows
  • Content Management functionality (Versioning, CheckIn, CheckOut …)
  • Office 2013 Integration with SharePoint 2013
  • Create design for SharePoint in PowerPoint
  • Export Excel and Importing
  • SharePoint Web forms with InfoPath
  • Access Services 2013
  • Visio Services 2013
  • Offline use of SharePoint data with SkyDrive Pro
  • Download
  • Offline Editing
  • Synchronization of SharePoint data

It should already be present good knowledge of SharePoint.

If agreed individually!

In the INHOUSE training the possibility exists to use our mobile classroom.

SharePoint 2013

Nach diesem Kurs managen Sie Ihre persönliche sowie Ihre Team-Website, bearbeiten kooperativ Office-Dokumente, verwalten die verschiedenen Berechtigungen und nutzen die einzelnen Web-Komponenten von SharePoint.


Beim INHOUSE-Training besteht die Möglichkeit unser mobiles Klassenzimmer zu nutzen.