Tailor-made training draught for several employees in your enterprise: Individually for your needs and economically very attractively. Of every Windows training can be adapted at the wishes of your employees, your IT infrastructure and your enterprise aims.
  • Operating System
  • Dealing with applications and windows
  • View of Windows Explorer Change
  • Layout of Windows Explorer adapt
  • Adjust pressure setting
  • Rename files and folders
  • files on a CD or DVD
  • Jump Lists use
  • Search index adapt
  • store files on the desktop
  • Ready to use desktop themes
  • Text and symbols enlarge
  • Windows reactivate or terminate
  • Dialog window use
  • map of the Content Area Change
  • Files / images Print
  • Managing files and folders
  • Marking Files and Folders
  • Compress files ( zip folder)
  • Search filter to use
  • About Your Desktop
  • Arrange Icons or sort
  • Design adapt
  • create screenshots
  • Start menu to get to know
  • Help function
  • Working with the Preview Window
  • Print jobs control
  • Create a folder structure
  • Files with Drag & Drop to move / copy
  • Search for files / folders
  • Calculator use
  • Icons on the desktop Add
  • mini applications use
  • Custom design store
  • Save Search

No prerequisites.

If agreed individually!

In the INHOUSE training the possibility exists to use our mobile classroom.

Microsoft Windows 10

Maßgeschneidertes Schulungskonzept für mehrere Mitarbeiter in Ihrem Unternehmen: Individuell für Ihre Bedürfnisse und wirtschaftlich sehr attraktiv. Jedes Windows Training kann auf die Wünsche Ihrer Mitarbeiter, Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur und Ihrer Unternehmensziele angepasst werden.


Beim INHOUSE-Training besteht die Möglichkeit unser mobiles Klassenzimmer zu nutzen.